Freeze Prevention for the MO-75 PCV Breather Valve

engenity, LLC, has developed a freeze prevention jacket for the MotoRad® MO-75 crankcase ventilator breather cap. When mounted in exposed locations, this breather cap is susceptible to freezing and gelling.

The IntelliThaw® MO-75 is installed directly onto the valve, and can warm an MO-75 from −50°C to 10°C (−58°F to 50°F) in only 5 minutes, using only power from the engine battery.

ThermEvolve systems are the only solution specifically engineered to do all the following:

  • apply heat only when it's needed, in order to save battery power,
  • heat up fast (within 5 minutes under most conditions),
  • allow easy installation in the field with minimal use of tools,
  • eliminate guesswork and chance in specifying components and temperatures,
  • allow programming to any setpoint temperatures, and
  • last for years free of maintenance.

ThermEvolve® Reliability and Performance

The IntelliThaw MO-75 is part of our ThermEvolve freeze prevention products. To learn more about how ThermEvolve products work, see our page on ThermEvolve engineering and benefits. To read about IntelliThaw heating jackets—a part of the ThermEvolve product line—please see our page on the IntelliThaw line, which includes links to detailed engineering specifics and other available IntelliThaw products.

Get the IntelliThaw MO-75 for Your Application

To order, get in touch with one of our distributors. Or to get a quote or request a sample, contact us directly.


Application Notes

Detailed application notes for IntelliThaw products are available at our Application Notes and FAQ page.



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