Case Studies

engenity’s SoliStat™ helps maintain optimal battery temperatures on NASA’s GROVER

The GROVER, an autonomous robot built by NASA, was sent to Greenland for an ice measurement mission in May, 2013. SoliStat, a DC-powered temperature-controlled switch by engenity, LLC, was on board to ensure that batteries maintained proper temperatures for maximum longevity. Read more >>

engenity’s SoliStat™ eliminates frozen lines on vapor recovery units in remote oil fields

Range Resources, a leading US independent oil and natural gas producer, uses engenity’s SoliStat along with heat trace cable to prevent freezing on their vapor recovery units (VRUs). The VRUs are located on storage tanks in remote oil fields where only DC power is available. Read more >>

engenity’s SoliStat™ helps eliminate CCV freezing issues for major diesel generator manufacturer

SoliStat, the DC-powered temperature-controlled switch from engenity, is used in conjunction with heating pads and heat trace cable to prevent closed crankcase ventilation (CCV) filters from freezing on the generators of a major manufacturer of diesel generators. Read more >>

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