engenity’s SoliStat™ Helps Eliminate CCV Freezing Issues for Major Diesel Generator Manufacturer

St. Paul, Minnesota. February 24, 2014. SoliStat, the DC-powered temperature-controlled switch from engenity, is used in conjunction with heating pads and heat trace cable to prevent closed crankcase ventilation (CCV) filters from freezing on the generators of a major manufacturer of diesel generators.

A major diesel engine manufacturer’s Canadian customers were experiencing problems with CCV filters freezing in their diesel generators during the winter months. When the generators are under-loaded, it causes the engines to run cold, which causes the CCV filters to freeze. To remedy the freezing, this manufacturer adhered heating pads to the CCV filters. Because of its set-point consistency and ease of use, this company chose engenity’s SoliStat to switch the heaters on when temperatures dip below the predetermined set point.

With its rugged, weatherproof housing and solid state-reliability, the DC powered SoliStat can operate on any source from 6 to 24V and can be permanently mounted for a hassle-free solution. A product engineer of this company highlights features of SoliStat that are vital for their application: “It is sealed, it comes pre-set and cannot be changed or tampered with.”

SoliStat switches the heaters on and off only when the set-points are reached, so it remains a hands-free application long after the installation phase is over. This ensures that the manufacturer is not required to monitor the switches, even with the changing seasons.

Learn more about SoliStat here.

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