Custom Products

Our manufacturing isn't limited to defined SoliStatIntelliHose, and IntelliThaw units. We can design freeze prevention systems of whatever complexity you need, from one-off custom SoliStat units to fully-integrated whole-engine freeze prevention systems that combine ThermEvolve technology with simple uncontrolled heating.

Take a look at some of the projects we've already completed:

                     Caterpillar Genset blow-by catch can

A mobile generator unit's blow-by collector, and the hose leading to it, were becoming clogged with frozen condensation. We integrated a heated hose with an IntelliThaw unit to eliminate the problem. Read about it >>

                       Caterpillar genset breather hoses

A different mobile generator unit had problems with frozen condensation on the inside of the hose that carries blow-by to the CCV. With two separate sections of IntelliThaw, the freezing problems were solved. Read about it >>

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