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Caterpillar Genset Catch Can

Managing blow-by – the oil- and particulate-laden air that escapes around the sides of pistons – has long been a problem in engines of all sizes. This large mobile generator unit deals with blow-by by collecting it in a box-shaped receptacle called a catch can (labeled b below). 

But in the cold weather of Minnesota, one operator, Ziegler Power Systems, found that both the hose (a) that brings the blow-by to the catch can, and the catch can itself, were accumulating frozen "mayo" – an emulsion of condensed oil, metal dust, and oil additives. 

We at engenity created a kit that includes:

  • A full IntelliThaw heating jacket to wrap around the catch can, and
  • An insulated hose, heated with a length of simple self-limiting heat cable, specified for cost-effectiveness on this more forgiving part of the engine.

After installing these kits and using them through one winter, the operator reported, "We didn't have any problems at all this winter with any of our breathers freezing up and causing us problems."

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Put ThermEvolve Technology in Your Engine

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