Ordering SoliStat

You can order SoliStat from any of our distributors. Please get in touch with your national distributor to get ordering information or current lead times; in most cases, SoliStat is available within 3 to 4 days with no minimum quantities.

If you have questions about where to find SoliStat, or to get a quote, you can contact us directly – toll-free at (844) 288 2590 or through our contact page.


Ordering details

To discuss custom options, you can use the naming scheme below, or you can contact us to describe your needs in detail. For more information about the options shown below, see the application notes.

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Download a printable product sheet

You can download SoliStat's specifications in PDF format here:

SoliStat DC Thermostats: Introduction and Specifications
engenity, SoliStat Family, Rev D5.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [978.7 KB]
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