Standard IntelliThaw Products

Standard IntelliThaw products have already gone through product development and testing, and are ready for quick production when you need them. To order, get in touch with one of our distributors today.

IntelliThaw models for in-engine freeze prevention

IntelliThaw PV200

Freeze prevention for Mann+Hummel ProVent 200 crankcase ventilation filters.

IntelliThaw PV400

Freeze prevention for Mann+Hummel ProVent 400 crankcase ventilation filters.


More about IntelliThaw

IntelliThaw heated insulation jackets are the first complete, reliable solution for preventing freeze-ups on engine components using DC power.

An IntelliThaw jacket is an all-in-one kit including insulation, a controller, and a heater. Read more about IntelliThaw technology here. >>

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