Standard IntelliHose Products

Standard IntelliHose products have already gone through product development and testing, and are ready for quick production when you need them. To order, get in touch with one of our distributors today.

IntelliHose models for freeze prevention in DEF lines


            For Case 850M bulldozer engines.


    For Case 1150M and 1650M bulldozer engines.


            For Case 2050M bulldozer engines.


About IntelliHose

IntelliHose is an entirely new kind of heated hose, and the industry's first to solve the problems of overheating and underheating.

It's the first available heated hose with a reliable, intelligent DC temperature control – meaning it heats up faster, lasts far longer, and draws less power over time than any other heated hose. And it's also available for any size, temperature, battery type, and temperature. Whatever your conduit heating need is, an IntelliHose can be built to suit it.

Read in detail about IntelliHose here: IntelliHose: The technology >>



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