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Engine component heating jacket systems

IntelliThaw heated insulation jackets are the first complete, reliable solution for preventing freeze-ups on engine components using DC power. IntelliThaw is the only available freeze prevention system that can:

  • thaw your engine components fast and keep them at temperature,
  • using engine battery power – without draining the battery,
  • without thermostat burnouts and constant maintenance,
  • in a low-profile, wrap-around design that can fit nearly any component,
  • all from an installation "out of the box," with just minimal wiring needed.

Get IntelliThaw – Standard and Custom Models

Standard IntelliThaw systems

IntelliThaw PV200 fits Mann+Hummel ProVent 200 crankcase ventilation filters.

IntelliThaw PV400 fits Mann+Hummel ProVent 400 crankcase ventilation filters.

Available soon.



Custom IntelliThaw systems

We can create custom IntelliThaw models for practically any engine component that's vulnerable to freeze-up. Read about custom assemblies we've built >>

Order IntelliThaw

To order standard or custom IntelliThaw systems, get in touch with one of our distributors today.

Or get in touch with us directly – toll-free at (844) 288 2590 or through our contact formto request a quote or a sample model.


More about IntelliThaw

The system

An IntelliThaw system normally includes the following elements (or can be specified in other configurations):

  1. A durable, chemical-resistant, flexible insulating jacket, made of an advanced closed-cell nylon 6 foam. This polymer is exceptionally resilient against tearing and punctures, and is not affected by contact with gasoline or diesel fuel.
  2. A SoliStat™ DC thermostat, the longest-lasting temperature control available for DC applications. The SoliStat is reliable at temperatures as low as −40°F (−40°C), and has none of the mechanical components that wear out and cause failure in industry-standard thermostats.
  3. A flexible heating element that conforms to the engine component, allowing heat to be distributed evenly and efficiently through the component. Several varieties of element are available to fit different applications' needs.
  4. Optional connection to an IntelliHose® assembly: an insulated, temperature-controlled heated hose that prevents freezing and cold-related buildup in engine conduits.

These features combine to make IntelliThaw the first and only solution of its kind that avoids the problems of overheating, underheating, excessive power drain, and frequent burnouts.

Options and subsystems available

IntelliThaw systems can be ordered with any of a range of electronic options and subsystems, including:

  • Bypass mode – allows the jacket to be powered off completely during idle periods.
  • System ready and system fault lights – check for system problems at a glance.
  • Fusing and crowbar circuit – automatically power down the system in case of a fault or a severe disruption.
  • Multiple channels – power multiple heaters, or a heater and cooler, with one controller.

For more information, see IntelliThaw's general application notes.

IntelliThaw can work in your engine

IntelliThaw can be customized to fit nearly any engine component. IntelliThaw models have already been developed for PCV breather valves, oil filter boxes, crankcase ventilation filters, and other components.

We work closely with clients to specify the right wattage, size, and power consumption for each IntelliThaw model. Lab and field testing have shown existing IntelliThaw models to be reliable and durable in practice. The bottom line: IntelliThaw is the heating solution that works. Get in touch with a distributor today and let us start building an IntelliThaw model for you.

Application Notes

Detailed application notes for IntelliThaw products are available at our Application Notes and FAQ page.

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