IntelliHose® C-DEF850M

This IntelliHose model is designed to prevent freezing and slushing in DEF lines on Case 850M bulldozer engines.

Like all IntelliHose heated hoses, this model includes:

  • Temperature control based on ThermEvolve® technology.
  • A heating element specifically chosen for optimum performance.
  • Durable insulation.

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Specifications and application notes

This model's assembly specifications

  • Built for: Case 850M bulldozers.
  • Setpoints: ON at −5°C, OFF at −3°C (23°F, 27°F). (Note: DEF freezes at −11°C or +12°F.)
  • Time to thaw: In-house testing finds DEF within hose warms from −40°F (−40°C) to liquid (ca. 32°F, 0°C) in 3 minutes of full duty power.
  • Hoses: Two EPDM hoses (SAE 20R3EC) with SAE J2440 push-to-connect fittings:
    • A Hose: 3/8" inner diameter, ℓ 10 ft 3 in. (312 cm).
    • B Hose: 5/16" inner diameter, ℓ 10 ft (305 cm).
  • Voltage: 24 V nominal.
  • Current draw: 
    • Full duty 375 mA/ft (1.23 A/m), total 7.5 A.
    • Temperature maintenance: 0.18 duty (total 1.35 A) at −40°F (−40°C). Less at higher temperatures.
  • Wattage: Full duty 9 W/ft (30 W/m), total 182 W.
  • Electrical subsystems: As requested. See the section below on available subsystems.


Application Notes

Detailed application notes for IntelliHose products are available at our Application Notes and FAQ page.


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